SSDPlayer is an open source graphical tool for visualizing data layout and movement on flash devices. It is designed to give a better understanding of how data gets from one place to another and why.


What New?

SSDPlayer version 1.3

A new version of SSDPlayer is available, with features for educational projects and exercises: faster visualization, additional config parameters, and a command line interface. See the User’s GuideĀ and Programmer’s Guide for details, and download the executable files to try it out!

Look for us in MSST ’17

Roman Shor will present SSDPlayer and our experience with it in MSST ’17 in Santa Clara, May 15-19!

SSDPlayer version 1.2

The new version of SSDPlayer includes full RAID support, zoom-in and zoom-out, and an info screen where you can view detailed state information and save it for future reference. The User’s GuideĀ and Programmer’s Guide have been updated, and the executable files are available for download!

RAID support!

RAID support will be available soon! Watch the demo and preview the new User’s Guide.

FAST ’16 Demo

Watch the LLH-FTL demo from the presentation of the FAST ’16 paper!